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Kissed Earth is an Australian company that understands real beauty starts from within and that everything we put into our body has a direct impact on our well-being. We have seen the effects first-hand of what a lack of nourishment and care has on our body, so it is our mission to open the pathway to a more enriching life for others. And we want you to be a part of that.

We use some of the best bovine collagen peptides from around the world, with a unique mix of botanicals, superfoods, probiotics and fibres. We do not believe in using synthetic or artificial ingredients in any of our products and are committed to using the cleanest and most powerful foods from nature.


It's very easy! Follow the below steps to get started as an official Kissed Earth affiliate:

  1. Join the affiliate program on our partner network Rakuten via the link below.
  2. Set up your affiliate links.
  3. Create beautiful, inspiring & educational content & drive traffic to Kissed Earth
  4. Every time you make a sale you will receive a commission.


  1. Earn up to 10% commission per sale generated.
  2. Opportunities to be featured on both Kissed Earth & Rachael Finch Instagram pages.
  3. Excellent average order value which means more for you!
  4. High site conversion rate
  5. A range of images for you to use

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